Amethyst Seer - Deluge
Amethyst Seer - Orchids (Excerpt)
Amethyst Seer - Stronghold
Amethyst Seer - Pisces New Moon
Amethyst Seer - Heironymus
GLOB - Phobos
BASIC 3 (from BASIC EP by M. Dean Bridges)
Sleep Station 22 - Knots
Treasure Mammal - Cassette (Featuring R Stevie Moore)
Amethyst Seer - Sleep Station Number 12
EVACUATED FERN - Need it When I'm Older
Twin Ponies - Merciless & Masculine

Music video Directed by Kenaim Al-Shatti and Adventureface for the Phoenix band Twin Ponies.

Obsidian Mage - Wasp Nest in a Deer Carcass